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2411 & 2421 Full Torque Diesel Fuel Improver

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2411  & 2421 Full Torque Diesel Fuel Improver









H1 Quinplex Syn FG Gear Oil



(4150, 4220, 4320, 4460)



Synthetic Food Grade Oil Protects Gears

in Extreme High and Low Temperatures




Recommended for a variety of gearboxes and other critical

applications in food and beverage manufacturing facilities, H1

Quinplex® Syn FG Gear Oil (4150-4460) is NSF H1 registered for

incidental food contact and was formulated to withstand severe

loading conditions and prevent rust and corrosion. H1 Quinplex Syn

FG Gear Oil contains 100 percent synthetic base stock to provide

superior protection in extreme high and low temperatures. It also

offers great seal compatibility and excellent nonfoaming qualities.

Its anti-wear capability differentiates it from many other white oils

on the market. To ensure good metal adhesion, it contains a shear

stable polymeric tackifier system including Quinplex®, LE’s proprietary

impact-resistant additive. H1 Quinplex Syn FG Gear Oil helps factories

avoid unplanned downtime and expensive repairs by providing longlasting,

reliable protection that keeps critical equipment running in

extreme temperatures.


Beneficial Qualities



Food Grade


Registered NSF H1 for incidental food contact


Certified Kosher Pareve


Certified Halal by IFANCA


Is non-staining, low-odor, and translucent






100% Synthetic Base Oil






Protects from extreme high & low temperatures


Stays in viscosity


Has low pour point











• Includes superior anti-wear additive package

• Prevents rust and corrosion

• Readily separates from water; excellent demulsibility


Proprietary Additive




LE’s proprietary additives are used exclusively in LE

lubricants. H1 Quinplex Syn FG Gear Oil contains



Quinplex®, which contributes to outstanding water

resistance and tackiness. It helps to form a barrier

against corrosion.








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